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Let Us SPAoil You!

SPAoil-ME specializes in creating luxury self-care experiences where our clients don't have to lift a finger!

About Us

Birthed from a place of love and self-care, at SPAoil-ME we want to do just that, SPOIL-YOU. We are here to plan your next SPAoiled event. Let us SPAoil you. You give us your vision in your free TEA-rific consultation, and you are guaranteed to have a SPA-tastic time. We don’t even want you to have to think about how to do what you want done. We offer so many SPA-tacular packages, you will be SPAoiled before you know it. By the end of your SPA-rific event, we promise your guest will be SPAoiled. Don’t give it a second thought, give us your SPA-cation dates so we can begin capturing a SPA-tabulous time.

Mission & Vision

The mission of SPAoil-ME is to offer a relaxed environment, giving refreshing and renewed services to those who need to be revived and restored from the day-to-day processes of life.

At SPAoil-ME, we desire to improve the nucleus and the total essence of your well-being. We desire to revitalize your thoughts with a balanced mindset so that the weight of life can continue with quality. Having just the right energy in your atmosphere where it generates a spoil me feeling that you will want to continue to experience as often as possible.v​


Choose the perfect SPAoil-ME
package for your next event.

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