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My Blessings, Not Yours

I posted earlier about me wanting MY blessings cause YOUR blessings could very well be my burden. Often people always want what you have but never take into account what your walk looks like. People want the kind of car you drive, the house you have, the job, the money, the lifestyle and let's not forget the relationship you have including the man/woman. I never have understood that because what GOD has for them could be even better than what they see you have. One thing that should be important to us all is that what GOD has for ME is for ME. You couldn't walk my walk by any means anyway because you are not me. You could never do my job like I do it, have the house like I have it, live the lifestyle I live, you can't even drive the same car the same way I drive it and the best is you can't be who I am in the relationship I have. One main reason is because you were not the one GOD chose to do it. Pick your own battles people. Stop wanting other people's husband's and wives, girlfriend's and boyfriends. Looking from one angle of the fence the grass does look pretty green until you make a step or two and it begins to whither at every step there after. God can't bless you wanting other peoples stuff anyway. Take a little time and spend with GOD and ask HIM what do you have for ME! Married folk need to take heed. Honor what GOD placed in your life. You can't fix your stuff worried about somebody else's stuff that has nothing to do with your plan anyway. Focus on YOU and not them. Them meaning outsiders that approve to do the devils dirty work and steer you away from your blessings and of course that in which you allow in as well. There are so many blessings GOD wants us to have but we miss them playing with fire. Fire is hot and it burns. The best advice I can give any of you is play house in your own house, the one GOD ordained not the one you created. What are you building??? What kind of foundation are you building on with someone else's stuff?? It won't stand long anyway. Check out Jeremiah 29:11. Surely you couldn't think what was planned for me is going to go right and work out for for you. It won't last. Time will be up before you know it. That alone is not the order of GOD. #iamlashawndenee #focused#loved #stayinyourlane #stopchanginglanes #messagehasbeenapproved#wisdom #getyousome

#iamlashawndenee #focused #loved #stayinyourlane #stopchanginglanes #messagehasbeenapproved #wisdom #getyousomeJESUS

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