Well after going through not wanting to do that in which GOD has mandated for me to do, I have finally arrived at the point HE desires for me to be and that is no more than being in HIS will. I am HIS daughter and I must do what our Father says. I heard HIS voice but was rebellious, however not for long so to those whom will be here supporting me and loving me through this KINGDOM process, I say WELCOME. I am all in with giving it my all. Welcome to my blog. My newest adventure coupled with the multiple books GOD has downloaded into me. It's all for HIS glory not mine. I am merely a vessel in which HE is using to spread love. In this blog you will be challenged and given lifelong tools to use in the present and in the future. So come ride with us as I give back what HE has given to me.

#Itsjustthebeginning #Iamlashawndenee #blogging

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